Hey! how are ya?

If you have stumbled upon this, I would love to share my personal, real experience with you on these products. When my IUD came out this summer it was all downhill from there. I thought it would make things get better but it didn’t. Pair that with a minor surgery and I was starting to feel like my body was fighting me at every turn. I gave up on trying to feel good, the doctor said my body would level itself out with time. I tried everything to help it along. This is 30, I kept thinking. 

Yet, I spent the summer 40lbs heavier, constantly bloated, none of my clothes fitting, bouts of depression, breakouts, mood swings and honestly exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep. It didn’t seem to be getting any better... and as each day went on the more I started to hate my body. The more destructive I got with taking care of myself- because it wasn't helping.

I feel like I am back in control now because of DOSE, I can feel things getting back to normal! Within the first two weeks of drinking this coffee once a day...

☕️ I haven't taken one nap
☕️ I have woken up the second my alarm goes off
☕️ My skin is starting to look better
☕️ I'm almost out of the 160's! 👏🏻
☕️ I've worn two pairs of jeans I couldn't before
☕️ My mood is so good.. I can't even put into words. All those negative and depressive feelings aren't creeping into my head as often.
☕️ I'm being productive!!! So productive.
☕️ I'm starting to be less angry at my body.

I feel so incredible, and if you're struggling I know DOSE can help you get there too. I wish I had done this months ago. 

I am so excited to continue to update you on my story using my #dreamdose and the changes it makes in my life!

not your average cup of joe...

...From endless conversations about how horrible I felt that lead to nowhere...

to getting me back, one cup at a time. ☕️ I'm so grateful for how incredible I eel- mind & body and that the hopeless feeling is GONE. 

I can love me again, because I feel like ME AGAIN.

Naturally Simple

Change what is in your cup each day and watch your life change.